Robin Sacredfire

How to Improve Yourself

A big part of the population on earth has access to books, either in physical or virtual form, but will never be told the steps to know themselves. As a matter of fact, many people in the western world seek exactly this. But how can we truly know ourselves when everything, from our education to our friends and coworkers lead us to believe that the world put before our eyes is the one we need to live in? It is taking this question into account that this book will guide you towards finding the answer for yourself. Here, you will see how education, intelligence and common life issues, can be easily combined towards helping you improve your mind, increase your awareness and elevate your spirit. It is presented as a designed path with the purpose of helping you reevaluate your life goals and priorities, in order to responsibility choose a new restart for yourself, a brighter opportunity to experience life and live better.
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  • b7987990652har citeratför 2 år sedan
    You don’t learn to love by reading books on relationships, you don’t learn to fight by watching Bruce Lee’s movies, you don’t lose weight by watching sports on TV, and you can’t become better person by merely reading about it. You have to apply whatever you see, learn and understand. You have to do to become.
  • Francis Sarabiahar citeratför 4 månader sedan
    ou see, it’s actually a contradiction to seek for salvation in a church,
  • Francis Sarabiahar citeratför 4 månader sedan
    nd if we can actually take this one step further, it’s not that hard to see that Jesus was mainly saying that we’re all descendants of alien beings, and likewise, we can develop their powers.

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