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Hilly Janes

Latte or Cappuccino?

Hilly Janes is an award-winning writer and editor specializing in health, lifestyle and social affairs, with 20 years' experience on national quality newspapers and magazines in the UK, including Prospect magazine, The Times, The Guardian, The Observer and The Independent. She was also the launch editorial director of social networking website The Times Health Club, and also launched and edited the Saturday Times' multi-award-winning Body&Soul health and wellbeing supplement.
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    It just a lot of question

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    IF YOU ARE very slim, get lots of exercise, sleep like a log, feel totally on top of your daily schedule and never shout at your children or partner, give this book to a lesser mortal now.
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    never shout at your children or partner
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    Star t by saying something positive, then deliver the bad news, and finish with a second positive comment – the bad news is sandwiched between positive feedback.

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