BOOM! BOX 2014 Mix Tape #1, Various, Ryan North, Rob Denbleyker, Noelle Stevenson, Jake Lawrence, Shelli Paroline, Braden Lamb, Becca Tobin, Eryk Donovan, Jake Lawrenc, John Kovalic, Maddie Flores, Paul Mayberry
Various,Ryan North,Rob Denbleyker,Noelle Stevenson,Jake Lawrence,Shelli Paroline,Braden Lamb,Becca Tobin,Eryk Donovan,Jake Lawrenc,John Kovalic,Maddie Flores,Paul Mayberry

BOOM! BOX 2014 Mix Tape #1

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What’s to Love: If you’re loving the comics being released under the BOOM! Box imprint, delve into a world of more of the same stories! From the wacky to the touching, you’ll never know what you’re going to get. Here’s a hint: brand-new Lumberjanes, Giant Days, Munchkin, Cyanide & Happiness, and Power Up stories, plus a sneak peek of Jon Chad's Bad Mask!

What It Is: We reached out to a bunch of our favorite creators with one mission in mind: to bring original, unconventional characters and stories to life. The Mix Tape is an eclectic collection of stories based on characters that are anything but your average lot. Narwhal Janitors and Urban Cowboys are just the tip of these stories that are best described as “off the beaten track.”
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