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Various is the correct author for any book with multiple unknown authors, and is acceptable for books with multiple known authors, especially if not all are known or the list is very long (over 50).If an editor is known, however, Various is not necessary. List the name of the editor as the primary author (with role "editor"). Contributing authors' names follow it.Note: WorldCat is an excellent resource for finding author information and contents of anthologies.


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Menna Abu Zahrahar citerati fjol
Great writers and literary tourists have occasionally been inspired to record the impressions of their saunterings among galleries and museums.
Menna Abu Zahrahar citerati fjol
The most interesting of these, not necessarily professional, I have tried to bring together in the following pages.
Menna Abu Zahrahar citerati fjol
My object has been not to make a selection of the greatest pictures in the world, although many that have that reputation will be found here, but rather to bring together those that have produced a powerful impression on great minds.


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