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Stefan Mohamed

Bitter Sixteen

Winner of the Dylan Thomas Prize for new writers
A Times Children's Book of the Week
A Guardian Top Teen Read of 2015
«Happy birthday, Stanly. We hope you like your present…"
Cynical, solitary Stanly Bird is a fairly typical teenager — unless you count the fact that his best friend is a talking beagle named Daryl, and that he gained the powers of flight and telekinesis when he turned sixteen.
Unfortunately, his rural Welsh home town is not exactly crying out for its very own superhero. London is calling — but what Stanly finds there is a good deal weirder and more terrifying than anything he could have imagined. Perhaps he should have stayed in Wales …
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  • xx8480836delade ett intryckför 8 år sedan

    ش البريد الإلكتروني أو الهاتف

  • Aleksandra Pletnevadelade ett intryckför 7 år sedan
    👍Värt att läsa
    😄Hysteriskt rolig


  • Aleksandra Pletnevahar citeratför 7 år sedan
    There are no winners and losers in life. People talk about triumph over adversity, but life is adversity. Some things you can shrug off and then you can go about your business once more, other things may grind you down or kill you. It’s all about putting yourself in the best possible position to continue your story. You can win or lose against a speeding train or a bolt of lightning, but you can’t beat existence
  • Aleksandra Pletnevahar citeratför 7 år sedan
    Who’s been filling your head with such preposterous notions?’
    ‘Good word that. Preposterous.’
    ‘Isn’t it? A wonderful word to get your tongue around. It’s like soliloquy or ethereal or somnambulist.’
  • Aleksandra Pletnevahar citeratför 7 år sedan
    I fell back against the pillow and made myself calm down, and pictured comforting things until I slept again. A rainbow. A lizard on a leaf. A plate of spaghetti and meatballs. A wide, lush meadow. Ben King inside a giant flaming wicker man. Usual happy place stuff.

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