Stefan Mohamed

Stefan Mohamed graduated from Kingston University’s creative writing programme with a first class degree and the creative writing prize for his year. He went on to win the unpublished writer’s category of the Dylan Thomas Prize for his coming of age superhero crossover novel, Bitter Sixteen, which feature probably the world's coolest superhero sidekick – a talking beagle (and die-hard Bogart fan) called Daryl.Stefan’s debut novella Stuff was published on the Modern Dreams e-book list by Salt Publishing in November 2014. His debut full length novel Bitter Sixteen will be published by Salt in the Spring of 2015, with sequels Ace of Spiders and Stanly’s Ghost following at yearly intervals.Bristol-based Stefan is a self-confessed SF/F junkie and festival-head and writes on geekery and music for various websites including Den of Geek. He is on Twitter - @stefmowords - and also performs poetry, which you can catch on his Youtube channel, Stefmotube, as well as on his Facebook page.
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