Sebastian Croft

Accelerated Learning Crash Course

Learn More, Absorb More, Remember More

Everyone is different in so many ways — but how we learn is not one of them. The same techniques that work for the experts will also push your ability to learn to a whole new level. Thanks to science, we now know much more about how the human brain works — and we know how to use that knowledge to our advantage and make full use of its incredible power.

Discover the building blocks of your mind

In this book, you’ll discover how your brain works when it comes to finding new information, processing it and storing it away for later use. You’ll find out how all of your senses work together to make sense of the world around you — and how you can use that knowledge to guide your learning.

• Find out how your senses work separately while also working together

• Discover the different types of memory and how to boost each one

• Learn what makes the difference between forgetting things in a week and remembering them forever

Find out how advanced learners set out to achieve their goals

One important thing that sets advanced learners apart from everyone else is that they always start out from the right place. Discover how you, too, can put yourself in the right frame of mind to absorb the new skill or topic you most want to learn.

Discover the spectrum of intelligence

While we all learn using the same basic methods, we each lean towards certain types of learning more than others. Use that knowledge to your advantage and find out which areas on the spectrum of intelligence are the strongest in your own mind.

Learn how to take better notes

Store information as you learn in a more effective way. Instead of simply scribbling down everything you hear, you’ll find out how to truly learn that information by:

• Editing your notes to make them more meaningful to you

• Analyzing what you’ve learned to understand it better

• Reflecting on your new knowledge and fitting it into your own experience

Discover techniques that are tried, tested and proven to help you learn

In this book, you’ll learn techniques used by advanced learners all over the world, including better ways to practice, ways to speed up your reading to absorb more information more quickly, methods to improve your memory and the secrets of self discipline. You’ll also learn how to fuel your brain with the foods it needs to work at full capacity.

Discover a whole new world of learning — one that suits your own mind and your own needs

From the moment you pick up this book, you’ll begin to see learning in a whole new light. You’ll start to unlock the true power of your mind and see for yourself that the only limit on how much information you find, learn and absorb is your own dedication.
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