Sebastian Croft

Read With Speed

The Secrets to Reading at Superhuman Speed

«…This book is the key to reading at four times your current speed and absorbing much more from everything you read…»

Most of us don’t realize it, but the way we were taught to read as children is far from the most efficient way of doing things. It was the easiest way to help you learn your letters, but in adulthood it’s a handicap that keeps you from reaching your full reading potential.

By ridding yourself of these impediments and discovering a whole new method of reading, you can triple your speed in a matter of days — and that’s just the start.

Shed the handicaps that are holding your reading speed back

In this book, you’ll find out what about your reading style is keeping you from absorbing the contents of every piece of writing that strikes your fancy. You’ll learn how to shed those handicaps and your reading speed will instantly start to increase.

Exercise your own reading equipment to boost your speed

You’ll find out how you can improve your own reading equipment — your eyes, your memory and your brain — in such a way that you can both see more words in the space of a minute and absorb their meaning as you do. You’ll learn:

• How to care for your eyes and keep them in top condition as you practice your reading
• How to exercise your eyes so that their muscles can take in more words at a time
• How to pre read a piece of text to help your mind comprehend what it’s seeing
• How to set up your reading space to give your brain the optimum environment

Start speeding your reading instantly

Simply shedding the handicaps and honing your equipment will improve your reading speed, but you will also begin a daily exercise practice that will improve both your speed and your comprehension. Not only will you increase the number of words you are reading, you’ll also take away more information to store in your knowledge banks.

Become more flexible in your reading

In this book, you’ll discover that reading a book from cover to cover is not always the best way to go about it. Using speed reading techniques, you will find out how to take away exactly the information you were looking for. You’ll learn methods such as:

• Flexible reading, skipping over the unnecessary sections and focusing on what’s important
• Hot spot reading, finding the key pieces of information on the page
• Recall enhancement, remembering the parts of the text that really matter

Discover a whole new world of reading

From the moment you put down this book, the world will open up to you. So much of human knowledge is laid out in the books, magazines, newspaper articles and web pages we encounter every single day.
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