The Queen's English, Bernard C.Lamb
Bernard C.Lamb

The Queen's English

Dr Bernard C. Lamb is President of the Queen's English Society and is a published author. The Queen's English Society is a registered charity which has become a recognized authority on 'proper' English.
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Hey, Sarge. Did you hear that?” wispered private Higgs. ‘Over their. Behind those trees. A low whaling, mowning sound, like a ghost. It’s to spookey.’
An owl flue low over his head and hooted loud.
Frightening the highly tense soldiers quite badly.
‘Quiet, Higgs, or the enemy will here us. Lets see if their coming closer. Have you’re guns ready, men.’
They waited for what seamed an age, one of the men sneezed, spoiling any chance of surprising their foes. Because the noise and hooting had effected their nerves; the men were jumpy. Sergent Green-Thompson finaly decided to re-treat and regroup. He gestured to the soldiers to go back passed the farm house and it’s cowshed, and then slowly walk back to bass. This was just tempory accomodation in a barn.
Read the passage again, slowly. You may discover more errors – there are about forty of them. Try to explain to yourself why each mistake is wrong, although you should be able to do so much better after reading the appropriate sections of this book.
Vocabulary challenge

Having a large vocabulary is so useful in understanding the words of others, and in selecting the right word for what you want to write or say. English has a huge and fascinating vocabulary. The words in this challenge have been chosen as those which many readers will know and others might not, excluding really common words.
Check whether you know a word well enough to explain its meaning to someone who does not know it at all. Consult a dictionary if necessary.
Brief definitions are given later but are not complete. Most words in a dictionary have more than one meaning and all the alternatives cannot be given here
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to accept constructive criticism
Elena Anikina
Elena Anikinahar citerati fjol
Incite and insight are pronounced the same but with totally different meanings.

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