Everyday English for Grown-ups, Michelle Finlay
Michelle Finlay

Everyday English for Grown-ups



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Varvara Kuzmina
Varvara Kuzminahar citeratför 10 månader sedan
English is one of the richest, most colourful and most subtle languages in the world. To speak or write good English – plain, lucid, jargon-free English – to have mastery of the language, is to have style.
Vladyslava Oleksiienko
Vladyslava Oleksiienkohar citeratför 19 dagar sedan
None of us is immune to the odd mistake
Anna Avdeeva
Anna Avdeevahar citeratför 3 månader sedan
One more thing to be careful of is the noun hair. We always use this in the singular when referring to, say, ‘a glorious head of hair’, but it becomes plural if we are talking about a small number. So we would say ‘my grandfather has a few grey hairs now’.

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