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Tony Bennis

Dark Psychology & Manipulation 2 in 1

Dark Psychology & Manipulation 2 in 1

Dark psychology

studies the parts of ourselves that none of us want to recognize. Within this field, our innermost demons are delved into, and a light is shone on the places that we would rather not see but need to see. Dark psychology accepts and embraces the darker side of the human experience. In this way it is doing the same as any area of anthropocentric study does, the only difference lying in dark psychology's specialty of this dark reality within the human animal. Dark psychology is not meant to be a pageant of villains, however. Specialists within this field do their work in order to better understand why and how malevolent people work toward their ends, not out of some attempt to gain fame for themselves and or to idolize the more monstrous among us. It is also important to keep in mind that each and every one of us has a dark or
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    They Aren’t Able to Accept Their Shortcomings
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    usually focus only on the pure information they are given, while those who intuit usually add their own interpretations and meaning. Thinkers tend to consider consistency and logic while making decisions, while feelers look more at people involved and special circumstances. When observing the outside world, judges tend to want to get things decided whereas perceivers prefer to stay open to new information. All of these personality dimensions should be kept in mind when conversing with others because these dimensions can create large chasms between people that will have to be crossed.
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    People who sense

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