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Patrick King

Control Your Emotions

Emotion is not the enemy. We just need to decipher them and learn tools for regulation and resilience.

We all get knocked down and face hardships, but we always have the choice to get back up or not. What will your choice be?

Learn to train your emotions and tame your reactive brain.

Control Your Emotions is the rare book that understands where you’ve been, the obstacles you’ve overcome, and what you need to make sure you are in full control of your life at all times. This is a stunningly detailed and insightful guide into our emotions, our triggers, and why we act against our own interests so frequently.
The key to our emotions is NOT to just “think calm and meditate” or “be mindful and grateful.” This book avoids unhelpful platitudes and gives you real advice, borrowing from all fields, such as psychology, counseling, behavior science, evolutionary biology, and even Buddhism and Stoicism. This book gives you the tools for emotional success and the daily happiness and calm you seek.

Don’t let your emotions dictate your decisions and life.

Patrick King is an internationally bestselling author and social skills coach. He has sold over a million books. His writing draws of a variety of sources, from research, academic experience, coaching, and real life experience.

Discover your inner strength and calm.

•Understand the biological and psychological purposes of emotions.
Find what triggers your deepest and strongest emotions.
•Learn how to properly express yourself for greater understanding.
Tools to recognize and regulate in the heat of the moment.
•The power of gratitude, savoring, and journaling.
How to activate your “emotional immune system.”
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  • Nikhil Videhihar citeratförra månaden
    As if this wasn’t evidence enough, another study in the United States by experts at the Harvard School of Public Health and the University of Rochester showed that those who fail to say or express how they feel increased their risk of premature death from all causes by about 35
  • Nikhil Videhihar citeratförra månaden
    Negative emotions are more noticeable to us because attending to negative events is often more important to our survival than dealing with positive events. The worst outcome when you delay a reaction to a positive event—for example, a birthday, a promotion, or a wedding—is that you celebrate a little later than you normally would have. However, with a negative event, there are much worse things that can happen if our reactions are delayed. It seems quite appropriate that we focus on dealing with negative things first
  • Nikhil Videhihar citeratförra månaden
    This theory states that emotions are judgments about the extent that a current situation meets your expectations and goals, no matter how you define them. Happiness is felt because it is an evaluation that your expectations

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