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Swing Trading

Are you interested in pursuing stock market gains with a high reward mentality? Do you want to understand trend following in the stock market?

This book is your answer.
Financial markets are some of the best markets to trade in today. Trading in equities (stocks) is among the most lucrative businesses available to you today. It does not matter whether you are a one-person small-scale trader or a giant corporation. This multitrillion-dollar pie is a great opportunity. 
This book, 'A Beginners Guide to Making Money With Trend Following' is specifically written for you – the beginner. It starts with a basic introductory approach that enables you to understand the key concepts of Swing trading, a unique strategy of trading in financial securities.
Life without risk is non-existent. Every business has its own risk. The risk is the cost of doing business. What differentiates a shrewd trader from an ordinary trader is the ability to know, understand and appreciate risk. It is upon this knowledge, understanding and appreciation that a trader can be able to plan for it, establish safety mechanism and establish how much he/she is willing to risk to maximize profits. This book provides you with information on various risks associated with trend following and the best strategies to manage them.
Every decision you make and action you take is based on certain parameters. These parameters have both the lower limit and the upper limit. When a certain anticipated event causes the equity to break the limits, a decision has to be made and an action was taken. There must be triggers, signals or indicators that notify you that the limits have been broken. In Swing trading, breaking the limits is what is commonly referred to as 'breakouts'. Breakouts are extremely significant as they enable you to decide to buy or sell. This book guides you on how to establish limits, detect breakouts and maximize opportunities for making money.
Inevitably, every business starts somewhere. Companies that decide to go public, that is, being listed on the securities market must make an IPO. An IPO is an acronym for Initial Public Offering. Naturally, and traditionally, IPOs attract significant interest. This brings a lot of speculation and price swings. This is a rare opportunity for a swing trader to make a big profit. You too can make a big profit out of IPO. In this book, we endear to help you succeed.
They say one man's meat is another man's poison. This is so true with securities markets. When one decides to enter the market, another one decides to leave. When one makes a sell decision, another one makes a buy decision. Similarly, when a bull is climbing up a hill, a bear is descending down. Bears and Bulls, bearish and bullish aptly describe players in the securities market and their respective habits. Are you are a bear or a bull? We will let you know.
Announcements are crucial when it comes to securities markets. They provide information that helps to shape decisions. An earnings announcement is one such crucial piece of information that leads certain market behaviors and triggers ripples that bring about swings. As a swing trader, you must keep your ears on the ground. How does an earning announcement affect your position? In this guide, it is our duty to let you know.
Enjoy reading!

Here's What You'll Learn from this Book:

What is Swing Trading?Risks of Trend FollowingBreakoutsIdentifying High Reward and Low Risk OpportunitiesProfit from IPO'sBearish MarketsEarnings Announcements DriftsBearish Setups

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