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Tim Lewis

Social Media Networking

Social Media is changing the way people do business; it's changing the world of recruitment and it's changing how we find love.

In the book Social Media Networking, including twenty case studies, Tim Lewis discovers how people are using social media to get ahead in their lives and in their businesses.

A recent US labor report showed that of jobs recruited for in the US, 40% are never advertised and given to someone the recruiter knows, and of the rest of the jobs half are given to someone the recruiter already knows after a recruitment process of interviews. So how do you get the recruiter to know you? Social Media is one new way that people are using.

On a wider level people are finding ideal romantic partners from connections initially made on social media.

Many journalists use social media to find people to be interviewed about news stories giving free publicity to those businesses that are aware of this.

Learning how to make connections on social media opens up a whole new world of opportunities for networking to make powerful connections to supercharge your business and your personal life.
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  • Hlafira Bosovahar citeratför 4 månader sedan
    As a very simple summary, you need to do the following:
    Be active on social media.
    Search out and communicate with people in the sector that you are interested in.
    Don't look at everything as a transaction; look to develop relationships.
    Don't focus on one person, be flexible and look for groups of people and don't obsess about individuals.
    Favour people you have a natural rapport with over someone more important who turns you off personally.
    Don't forget to be a nice person. Relationships should be a win-win for everyone if done correctly.
    Both consume and produce content; schedule your consumption and set up your notifications so social media doesn't take over your whole life.
    Don't waste time producing large-scale content like a blog or a podcast unless you have other valid reasons to do so (like you have a particular interest or to build a business).
  • Hlafira Bosovahar citeratför 4 månader sedan
    think if your aim is to find a job then I think any content you produce should show your knowledge and interest in the kind of job you are looking for.
  • Hlafira Bosovahar citeratför 4 månader sedan
    generally the principles are to show interest, attention and care.
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