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Travel back through time to learn about the invasions of Britain, the Renaissance, the American, French and Russian Revolutions, World Wars I and II and the Cold War… and everything else you forgot from your school history lessons.
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    The Creation of Israel
    In 1947, UN leaders voted that Palestine should be divided up into a Jewish state and an Arab state, with Jerusalem under UN governance. Palestine had been under a British mandate since the end of the First World War and Britain formally established the Zionist Jewish Agency to represent Jewish interests in the region in 1929. However, the Arab states rejected partition and the newly formed Zionist government declared an independent state of Israel. Arab-Israeli wars over territories continued over the following decades, as Israel enlarged its territories, and conflict in the region continues to the present day.
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    as thousands of individual volunteers from Europe and the US. Picasso’s painting Guernica famously depicts the bombing of the town of the same name by Nationalist forces in 1937, but both sides were guilty of brutality
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    Desiderius Erasmus (1466–1536): The Dutch scholar Erasmus formed the new Christian humanism, studying the original Greek New Testament, questioning the Church and rejecting the notion of predestination. In 1509 he wrote In Praise of Folly, criticizing the abuses of the Church and raising questions that would be influential in the Protestant Reformation (see here

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