Emma Marriott

Emma Marriot is a British freelance author, ghostwriter, and project editor specializing in popular history, memoirs, media tie-ins, and high-profile non-fiction. Marriot is a Sunday Times bestselling author and has written over twenty non-fiction books.

Emma Marriot was born in Uganda and grew up in central London and Shropshire. She holds a BA in history from the University of Warwick.

Marriot worked in-house at Pan Macmillan for ten years, commissioning and editing across the non-fiction list. She authored over 17 high-profile popular histories, including the official companion to the first Downton Abbey movie, The Costumes of Downton Abbey (2023), Long Live the Queens (2019), and The World of Poldark (2015).

Marriot has also written several other lifestyle memoirs, devised gift books, and contributed to many children’s books. Since 2021, she has ghostwritten major non-fiction titles for Penguin Random House, Little Brown, and Pan Macmillan.

Emma Marriot is now living in Bedfordshire.

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A rousing British song, strongly associated with the Royal Navy, ‘Rule, Britannia!’ is based on a poem of the same name written in 1740 by Scottish poet and playwright James Thomson (1700–48), and set to music by leading theatre composer Thomas Arne (1710–78)
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The five most common countries of birth in the UK calendar years 2007–11 were (in order): India, Poland, Pakistan, Republic of Ireland and Germany. The five most common nationalities are Polish, Irish, Indian, Pakistani and American
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In 1981, new conditions for British nationality and redefinitions for British citizenship were passed stipulating that acceptance for settlement in the UK did not mean automatic British citizenship. More specific requirements were made in 2002 – anyone seeking British citizenship was required to sit a test to demonstrate their knowledge of life in Britain. They were also required to attend a citizenship ceremony and swear a citizenship oath and pledge to queen and country, and reach sufficient proficiency in the English language. This requirement was extended also to include people seeking to settle permanently in Britain


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