James Ryan

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Series Book #2

Do you find that your emotions overwhelm you? Do you struggle with communication with others? Are you ready to improve your interpersonal relationships?

This book contains all of the knowledge you need to master your Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is the power we all hold that allows us to control our emotions, build solid interpersonal relationships, and take control of our lives!

Emotional Intelligence is the overlooked key ingredient to a satisfying, successful life in modern society. Emotional Intelligence is separate from general Intelligence (IQ). It’s the intelligence that nobody learns in school, but that has a huge impact on your life.

This book is the stunning sequel to the book Emotional Intelligence: The definitive guide to understanding your emotions, how to improve your EQ and your relationships, and it lets you delve deeper into the essential building blocks of Emotional Intelligence. This comprehensive, chronological book empowers you to overhaul your Emotional Intelligence by beginning with a strong foundation and ultimately becoming a master of emotional intelligence. In this book, you will learn:

What drives your emotions and how they affect your body
How to increase your self-awareness
How to manage stress
How to bounce back from adversity
How to build stronger interpersonal relationships
How to manage intimacy
How to take control of your life

And much, much more! The tried-and-tested advice offered by this book will give you a lifetime of skills. You will no longer be overwhelmed by emotions, stress, or have any difficulty maintaining strong relationships. You will become a true master of Emotional Intelligence.

Grab your copy and start mastering your emotional intelligence today!
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