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elicit a negative emotion, or a fear of a negative emo
Katerina Zlatkovichar citeratför 2 år sedan
This is also a kind of failure test. It exposes you to challenges. But more importantly, this allows your mind to go on active mode.

Learning to play an instrument in particular is a good move if you want to build self-discipline. The application and repetition as you learn to play the guitar, piano, flute, violin, or sax, will enhance your focus. You will reprogram your mind and improve your attitude. You will know that even if things are not easy, you can choose to do what is right and enjoy the benefits that come after. You will apply what you learn in what you do every day and you will develop good habits that bring you success
Ezra Gibránhar citerati fjol
The decision to change a routine, however, requires you to be on another level – it requires you to be completely mentally present. It requires focus and resolve.


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