Robert C.Worstell

Author Freedom Guidebook

Your writing and publishing should give you freedom.
And for most people, it doesn't. 
Because only four out of ten thousand authors actually make a living by publishing through Amazon.
Shocking statistics. 
As a writer, the solution is simple: learn how the system works. Then do that. 
After five years of concentrated research, I've narrowed down to exactly what the core basics are that most authors have been missing. 
There have been a few breakthroughs: What actually is a platform – and how you already have one.The three habits you have to have in order to succeed.Four steps you need to do before you start writing or outlining your book.The two biggest lies spread in publishing.How you can teach yourself to write classic bestsellers at home.The biggest revelation is that, like Dorothy's ruby slippers, you already know most of this. The problem is that you've been trained not to believe it.
This book is also a course. In 7 simple lessons, you can get started now toward a full-time career as a successful author. 
It won't happen overnight. But you'll be on your way. 
Success is waiting for you, along with your freedom.
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