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Bryan Keyleader

Elite Self-Defense: Beyond what any self-defense instructor will ever tell you

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The best self-defense technique you will ever learn in your life consists in avoiding danger, but before that you will need to recognize it and be ahead of the events when they occur.

The author of this book has coached many self-defense instructors, security guards, and police officers, as well as spies, in understanding the elements that compose the criminal behavior. This is a book based on such theory, and directed towards the analysis such behavior and thinking structure. In this book you will obtain knowledge that is unknown to the majority of the martial art Instructors, knowledge that can save your life and the one of those around you. Thanks to the information provided here, you will understand why the author can do things that seem impossible to many, like stopping a robbery with psychological control and without any need of physical confrontation, as well as detect the possibility of robbery before the robber even decides about whom to rob.

The content of this book is also based on the author’s personal experience inside gangs and in observing their way of thinking, as well as his knowledge in martial arts, namely in teaching several of them. For several years, the author has studied Chinese Martial Arts in China, Filipino Martial Arts in the Philippines and Thailand’s Martial Arts in Thailand.

This is a book that teaches you to understand martial arts and self-defense beyond what you could ever imagine, but also learn to recognize which techniques can be effective in the street or not. It’s, above all, a book that will help you survive with strategies that could have saved the life of many martial artists that have died trying to defend themselves with what they believed to work in real situations.

If you can understand and accept the content here exposed, you can also realize which martial art really works for street defense and which one doesn’t, but also which path to take in life when you need to learn to protect yourself. However, if you’re a bodyguard, this is a book that you’ll need to carry all the time in your pocket, because your career and life, and especially the life of your clients, depends on how much you can assimilate from it.
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