Amy White,Ryan James

Empath: How to Thrive in Life as a Highly Sensitive Guide to Handling Toxic Relationships and Overcoming Social Anxiety

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This book is a guide to help Empaths and Highly Sensitive Persons to thrive in social life. It gives accurate information and effective advice on the following:
• What high sensitivity is
• The advantages and responsibilities of being highly sensitive
• The traits of highly sensitive persons and empaths
• The similarities and differences between HSPs and empaths
• Handling toxic relationships
• Understanding energy vampires
• Detecting energy vampires
• What to do with energy vampires
• How to deal with difficult people (critics, bullies, gossipers, backstabbers, etc.)
• Protecting yourself from people who drain you
• Psychic self-defense techniques
• How to handle tiring conversations
• How to spot liars and what to do with them
• Overcoming social anxiety
• Stopping negative thoughts
• Preparing yourself for anxiety-producing situations
• Increasing self-confidence
• Reducing self-consciousness
• Developing great social skills
• Enhancing conversational skill
• Improving social life
• Widening your network
• Deepening relationships
It teaches HSPs and empaths with how to capitalize on their strengths and work around their limitations. With consistent practice, they will gain confidence, have more fulfilling relationships, and live more of their potential as unique, gifted individuals.
Although this book is targeted for highly sensitive individuals, everyone can benefit from the information given here. It can also help people understand empaths and HSPs better so that they can support them well.
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