Sankar Srinivasan

Basics of Option Trading

In «Basics of Option Trading," acclaimed author Sankar Srinivasan, a certified market professional of the National Stock Exchange of India, presents a comprehensive guide that demystifies the world of options trading. Whether you are a novice investor or an experienced trader looking to expand your knowledge, this book provides a solid foundation in understanding and leveraging options as powerful financial instruments.

With a clear and concise writing style, Sankar Srinivasan unravels the complexities of options trading and introduces readers to the fundamental concepts and terminology. Starting from the ground up, you'll learn about the different types of options, the mechanics of option pricing, and the key factors influencing option values.

The author's extensive experience in the financial industry shines through as he explains the various strategies and techniques employed by successful option traders. From covered calls and protective puts to vertical spreads and straddles, Sankar Srinivasan breaks down each strategy, highlighting their advantages and risks, and offers practical examples to illustrate their implementation.

This book goes beyond theory by providing valuable insights into the real-world dynamics of option trading. You'll discover how to analyze market trends, identify profitable opportunities, and manage risk effectively. Sankar Srinivasan's expertise is complemented by his ability to convey complex ideas in a beginner-friendly manner, making this book an invaluable resource for traders of all levels.

Whether your goal is to generate additional income, protect your investments, or enhance your trading strategies, this book equips you with the essential knowledge and skills to navigate the world of options trading with confidence. Master the art of options and unlock the potential for greater financial success.

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