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USA Today Bestseller: A top social media strategist explores how human connection drives success.
Technology continues to evolve and make our lives busier and more complicated, but it can never replace true human connection—our fundamental need to share information, stories, and emotions. Shareology explores the history, art, and science of sharing, and why sharing gives us a unique competitive advantage as individuals and brands.
For entrepreneurs and marketers who want to make their content more valuable and shareable, and for individuals who want to grow their personal brand, Fortune 500 consultant and popular TED speaker Bryan Kramer offers wisdom worth sharing—plus contributions from experts and business leaders on a variety of topics. Shareology covers:
Sharing in the Human EconomyThe Importance of ContextThe Human Business MovementSharing: A Sensory ExperienceTiming Is EverythingRedefining Influencers Inside and OutConnections and ConversationsCreating Shared ExperiencesWhat Makes Stuff Worth SharingBrands on Sharing The Sharing Future: What’s Next?
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