Patrick King

Fearless Public Speaking

Does public speaking paralyze you and tie your stomach into knots? Want to get a standing ovation every time?

What goes into a dazzling opening and closing? Does the prospect of facing embarrassing judgment make your palms sweat? Or do you want to learn how to absolutely own the stage and become a magnetic speaker?
Public speaking and presenting is one of the most common phobias — and it’s completely understandable. When else in our lives are we so open and vulnerable? But it’s a necessary evil in all aspects of our lives, whether professionally and personally. From making a presentation in the boardroom to being more confident with the opposite sex, your speaking skills will take you to the next level and get what exactly what you want in your life.

Fearless Public Speaking is the rare book that will (1) help you destroy your anxiety so you can confidently take any stage, and (2) once you’re up there, be unforgettable and captivating as a speaker.

The tenets in this book come from studying the experiences of the best presenters in the world, from CEOs, standup comics, to actors, and more. Jason Bax, noted actor, speaker, and entrepreneur, lends his thoughts in a guest chapter.
And me? I'm a social skills and charisma coach, speaker, and semi-professional musician who thrives in front of the crowd… but I wasn't always like this — I know your struggles and I can help you from point A to point B!

How will you learn to captivate audiences?

•Why knowing where your audience gets their news is key to your memorability.
•How to construct a bulletproof opening and closing.
•How to make sure you reach any audience emotionally.
Overcoming stage fright and jitters with mental rehearsal techniques.

As well as…

•What rehearsed spontaneity is and how it makes your audience connect.
•Stage presence techniques of the masters of performance like Freddie Mercury.
•How standup comics own the stage and win over hostile crowds.
•What a memory palace is and how it will help you memorize your speech.

Put the audience in the palm of your hand, starting now!

•Feel confident and empowered in taking the stage anywhere, anytime.
Speak your way to better jobs and relationships with each mini-presentation.
•Build a reputation as an effective and engaging speaker.
Learn to overcome judgment and build self-confidence.
•Own the room, audience, and applause.
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