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James Ryan


Persuasion Series Book #1

Persuasion: The Definitive Guide to Understanding Influence, Mind Control, and NLP is a comprehensive guide to unlocking the potential every person possesses to achieve any goal and overcome any obstacles in life.

Within the pages of this book, you will learn:

What each of the areas of focus areHow each practice can be used when engaging with othersWhere the practices of each skills can best be used to your advantageSteps to learning and improving these abilities to unlock your own potential and realizing your goalsHow you can not only change others minds, but re-program your own to improve your own thoughts and feelingsAnd much more…

Achieving success and getting what you want, and getting others to want what you do as well, is easy with practice and determination. You can attain any goal you set out to, and this book contains the tools you need to realize your own potential. You are capable of influencing others. You can persuade people to confer with you, and even make others want to defer to your opinion.

Once you understand how to practice the techniques made available to you within these pages, any change is possible.
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Ryan James

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