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Fundación Amparo y Justicia

Video-Recorded investigative interview of child victims of sexual abuse

Video-recorded interviews consist of a technique that allows obtaining a greater amount of information and of a higher quality in regards to an alleged crime, optimizing the process of criminal investigation and seeking to affect as little as possible the child victims who have given their statement.

The beginning of the application in Chile of Act 21.057, which regulates video-recorded interviews and other means for safeguarding child victims of sexual abuse, motivated Fundación Amparo y Justicia and Ediciones UC to publish this second edition. The new version not only includes an update of the findings first published in 2016, but also a description of the changes that the aforementioned Act establishes and how they will impact the work of the officials of the Criminal Justice System.

This book seeks to provide answers and clarity in regards to the video-recorded investigative interview and other special measures, which are aimed at preventing the secondary victimization of children and asolescents during Judicial Declaration, where the new figure of the intermediary gains special relevance.

This revised edition will allow officials and authorities of the Justice System, students, academics, technical advisers and professionals from different areas, to find answers about a procedure that began to be carried out in Chile in October, 2019.
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