Simone Janson

The Art of Business Seduction

With the 5th revised and improved edition, published by a state funded publisher involved in EU programs and a partner of the Federal Ministry of Education, you receive the concentrated expertise of renowned authors (overview in the book preview) and extensive add-ons as well as individual consulting. At the same time, you do good and support sustainable projects.
Because the refined Machiavellian art of manipulation has a very bad reputation. Yet influencing other people is something that each of us uses every day. And these communication strategies are all the more effective the softer and more seductive they come across. For example, honest praise and authentic compliments can often achieve more than intrigue and envy. Therefore, it is also important to recognize, to understand the interpersonal power games as well as tricks and tactics of other people. After all, whoever has the power determines the direction of march and can enforce his or her goals. Seeing through manipulative strategies thus provides a considerable amount of personal freedom. And this book shows what is important in the process.
For its concept “Information as Desired,” the publisher was not only involved in an EU-funded program but also received the Global Business Award as Publisher of the Year. Therefore, by purchasing this book, you are also doing good: The publisher is financially and personally committed to socially relevant projects such as tree planting actions, scholarship foundations, sustainable housing, and many other innovative ideas.
The goal of providing you with the best possible content on topics such as career, finance, management, recruiting, or psychology goes far beyond the static nature of traditional books: The interactive book not only provides you with expert knowledge but also allows you to ask individual questions and receive personal advice.
In addition, each book contains detailed explanations and application examples to help you make the most of the free consulting services available to book buyers. You can also download e-courses, work with workbooks, or engage with an active community. This way, you receive valuable resources that increase your knowledge, stimulate creativity, make your personal and professional goals achievable, and make successes tangible.
And more: We want to give you the opportunity to make your journey to personal growth and success even more unforgettable. Because we know that true change does not only take place in the mind but above all through personal experience and application. That is why we have created special success experiences to complement each book.
Expertise and technical innovation go hand in hand, as we take the responsibility of delivering well-founded and well-researched content and the trust you place in us very seriously. Therefore, all texts are written by experts in their field. We only use AI-supported data analysis to better find information that supports your search for knowledge.
Publisher and editor Simone Janson is also a bestselling author and one of the 10 most important German bloggers according to the Blogger Relevance Index. She has also been a columnist and author for renowned media such as WELT, Wirtschaftswoche, or ZEIT — more about her can be found on Wikipedia.
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