Sumit Mund

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

This book provides you with the skills necessary to get started with Azure Machine Learning to build predictive models as quickly as possible, in a very intuitive way, whether you are completely new to predictive analysis or an existing practitioner.The book starts by exploring ML Studio, the browser-based development environment, and explores the first step-data exploration and visualization. You will then build different predictive models using both supervised and unsupervised algorithms, including a simple recommender system. The focus then shifts to learning how to deploy a model to production and publishing it as an API.The book ends with a couple of case studies using all the concepts and skills you have learned throughout the book to solve real-world problems.
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  • Anne-Katrinedelade ett intryckför 5 år sedan

    Several errors in the book. But good explanation of the concepts even though
    The azure platform has changed.


  • Sanzhar Myrzagalymhar citeratför 7 år sedan
    's really difficult to find such unicorns.

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