Michelle Moore

More With Less

Can’t say no when you see the world “SALE”? Even though you struggle with debt and have no savings?

Do you wonder at the end of the month where your money went?
More With Less will show you a way out of the vicious grip of budget-destructive shopping habits and teach you how to set up a real, tailor-made financial plan that covers all your needs.

Finances don’t have to be painful.

The book presents: (1) the main reasons behind compulsive shopping and hoarding and how to overcome them, and (2) how to downsize your expenses without depriving yourself of what you love to splurge on.
This is not a “get rich in a month” book. I can promise, however, that following the tips in this book, you’ll become more aware of your self-sabotaging spending and hoarding habits, gradually eliminate your debt, learn how to save, account for all of your expenses, and never feel your accounts running low again.
The budgeting techniques presented in this book are applicable to any income, and you can adjust it to your needs to serve you the best.

Within a few minutes you can create a budget that keeps your financial anxiety away.

My name is Michelle Moore… I am a recovering shopaholic and not-so-extreme hoarder. I have been earning my bread as a freelancer in the past few years. Even though I never knew how much I would have the next month, I was always able to have enough for my essential expenses, personal pleasures, and savings. I was also able to leave behind my unhealthy spending and hoarding habits and fully embrace a minimalist lifestyle.

Reset your expenses: pay yourself first, spend on what truly matters.

•Learn the psychology behind compulsive shopping and compulsive hoarding.
Control your spending impulses.
•Become an aware consumer.

Grow your financial stability every day.

•Learn multiple budgeting methods and choose the best for you.
Start a 7-step program that grants you financial security.
•Financial plans to eliminate debt.
Become better with numbers, calculations, projections, and analyses.
Nobody teaches us in school about how to develop healthy spending habits, what’s the difference between need and want, what does budgeting mean, how can we save for our future. No wonder we don’t know how to do any of them. As adults, it is our responsibility to get well-informed about something that grants our physical survival. Like it or not, budgeting is a must-know skill if you have an income, you spend and consume.

The budgeting tips in this book help you to keep track of your finances without any headache. Follow where your money goes, where it comes from and where can you save. Steadily accumulate savings, clear yourself of debts and live your life as a financially responsible adult.
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