Paul Chaplin

World's Ends

The Coronavirus crisis uniquely offers dramatic insights into psychology: individual, crowd and political. As a Certified CBT Practitioner, and former barrister and solicitor, with his unique life experience, Paul offers his own insights on this world-changing crisis. Blowing suddenly from the East, a world crisis which has convulsed and transformed Britain. A pandemic crisis, for which the UK Government had no Plan.
Or Did It?
See examined for the first time how the UK Government had a SARS-Cov pandemic Plan in place since 2011 ready to deal with 250,000 covid deaths and avoid closing down the country.
And see, too, the documents showing how, in three short weeks of February and March 2020, the UK Government UK ditched that careful Plan, and Locked down instead.
Did the Government follow the science? Or were Focus Groups used to decide what the science should say?
Read how the UK Government paid for professional psychologists’ advice on how most to threaten the UK population with death messages and how the use of death forecasts, invented in days, were deliberately used to create Coronaphobia.
See how the UK Government suppressed the existing SARS-Cov research and models, created over 10 years by experts, so you could not check its new terror messaging and then read for yourself the hidden (but not secret) UK Government documents, and the court papers documenting legal challenges, which claim the Government lied about the science.
This best-selling CBT author now details how we can each cope with the psychological pressures induced by mass-media stories, statistics of doom, the reality of isolation and social distancing. By offering CBT insights and practical exercises, Paul shows how to extract individual comfort and peace from a time of crisis. It is by focusing on the reality of You in the now, with clarity and understanding, that the new worlds formed by the coronavirus crisis can best be lived.
By using the techniques and exercises in this book, You can learn not just to live with isolation, but gain distinct benefits from it. You can learn how physical social distancing can actually bring you closer. And save for those very few who have sadly succumbed, whether of or with this virus, the journey of You has not ended. It now treads unexpected paths. This book is a guide to navigating hope in your lived reality, by realising the Power of You.
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