150 Useful English Collocations, Idioms, and Phrasal Verbs, H.E.Colby

150 Useful English Collocations, Idioms, and Phrasal Verbs

Speak more like a native English speaker.

Speaking English with collocations, idioms, and phrasal verbs shows your sophisticated command of the language.

Skip any confusion about collocations, idioms, and phrasal verbs.

Instead, study Top 153 English Collocations, Idioms, and Phrasal Verbs, with a sample sentence to show you how to use the phrase correctly.

Each has been selected on the basis of practical experience using and teaching real Business English – both spoken and written.

Try the quiz after each section to test your understanding.

Get your copy of Top 153 Business English Collocations, Idioms, and Phrasal Verbs to expand your vocabulary today to speak English more naturally!
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