Patrick King

The Science of Social Intelligence: 45 Methods to Captivate People, Make a Powerful Impression, and Subconsciously Trigger Social Status and Value

Scientifically-proven methods to create connection with anyone you meet. This is your blueprint for social success.

Humans are spectacularly predictable. Through decades of research, scientists have shown consistent patterns in human behavior and thought that can lead us to very predictable outcomes. In other words, there are genuine ways to forge better relationships that take advantage of human psychology and behavioral patterns. And now, you are going to learn some major ones.

Learn the elements of magnetic presence and charisma. Create unconscious social value and status.

In The Science of Social Intelligence, you'll have over 40 studies, new and old, broken down in a way that answers the question, “How can I use this information to improve my everyday social life?” You can rely on real findings from the fields of psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience, and behavioral economics, rather than one person’s anecdotal advice.

Learn why conventional socializing advice is flat-out wrong or incomplete.

This book is an in-depth look at the concept of being socially intelligent, maximizing the social opportunities you are given, and leveraging your unique strengths to have the relationships you want. In a time where most advice takes the form of “make more eye contact” and “smile more,” this book stands out.
This book pairs human behavioral data and findings with the insight and emotional intelligence of Patrick King, sought-after social skills coach and internationally bestselling author. The result is half textbook, half field guide for whatever your social goals may be.
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