Alfred McBride

Fr. McBride's Guide to the Bible

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Extraordinary reading for ordinary people.Joy and sorrow. War and peace. Life and death. Betrayal and redemption.
It's all here in the Bible, a collection of stories that describe God's love for mankind and our never-ending quest for a relationship with Him.
In his Guide to the Bible, Father Alfred McBride presents Bible stories in a thoughtful way that helps ordinary people understand the extraordinary message of the Holy Scriptures. He identifies the key messages, chapter by chapter, and provides a timeline of salvation history that puts every story into context.
As you read about quarrelling brothers, jealous kings, heroic women, youthful prophets, and the fledgling Church, Father McBride provides his own insightful reflections to help deepen each story's relevance. His guidance makes it easy to incorporate the Bible in your daily spiritual endeavors.
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