Viktor Schauberger

The Energy Evolution – Harnessing Free Energy from Nature

The Energy Evolution, the final volume in the revolutionary Eco-Technology series, contains radical environmentalist Viktor Schauberger's groundbreaking writings on methods for energy generation that harness the enormous potential of Nature.

Nature produces energy by slow, cool, implosive means — by a centripetal inward motion, while our present culture uses explosive centrifugal (outwards) movement, which is wasteful and many times less powerful and effective. It also uses up the Earth's resources and pollutes her ecosystems.

This volume describes different kinds of energy machines which depend on the principle of implosion:

— A spring water-producing machine
— A tornado home energy generator
— A Klimator which produces mountain-quality air — The biotechnical submarine
— A technique for producing power from ocean deeps
— A flying saucer prototype which rose at fantastic speed to high altitudes
— A perpetual motion suction-based implosion machineOne of the first genuine environmentalists, Schauberger was a pioneering genius who combined keen observation of Nature with intuitive brilliance and a sharp engineer's brain. His work is enjoying a worldwide revival because he was able to convey how an understanding of Nature's subtle energies is essential to our survival. This Fertile Earth contains his innovative theories as well as his very last letters on the subject, providing an alternative analysis of the unharnessed and vital power of Nature.

The Eco-Technology series makes available for the first time Viktor Schauberger's original writings and passionate debates. Callum Coats has painstakingly collected, translated and edited the material for what promises to be the most definitive study yet of this extraordinary man's life and work.
This Fertile Earth: Table of Contents

— Some Philosophical Aspects of Natural Energies
— New Forms of Temperature
— New Forms of Motion and Energy
— New Views of Electromagnetism
— The Nature of Water, its Conduction and Use for Transport
— The Air Turbine
— Early Developments in Implosion Machines
— The Ennoblement of Water
— Machines of the Genus — Repulsator
— The Klimator
— Machines of the Genus — Repulsine
— Last Letters from Viktor Schauberger
— The Popel Report
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