Bob Etherington

Negotiating Skills for Virgins

This is a quick-read instructional book, packed with anecdotes and advice for all those people who are generally terrible at negotiating and would like to do it better! Based on several years of practical and successful negotiating around the world, the approach adopted by the author in this book will help anyone (with little or no experience or confidence in negotiation) seal deals on favourable terms. Written in Bob Etherington’s distinctive style, combining highly practical advice told in an entertaining fashion, Great Negotiation Skills is all you will need to ensure you don’t lose out in your next negotiation.
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    Кристина Журбенкоhar citeratför 10 månader sedan
    Hmmmmm ... (big pause) ... so what if we don’t have the blinds, the shower, the extra windows and do our own furnishing ... how much then
    Кристина Журбенкоhar citeratför 10 månader sedan
    he did his best but they just weren’t on my list because I didn’t want a negotiation; I wanted a simple sale.
    Кристина Журбенкоhar citeratför 10 månader sedan
    A few years ago I decided to have the very large roof space in my house converted into another bedroom. Knowing what I know and having learnt most of it in the “school of hard knocks”, I sat down with a sheet of paper and wrote down everything I needed
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