Yu Hua

China in Ten Words

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From one of China's most acclaimed writers, his first work of non-fiction to appear in English: a unique, intimate look at the Chinese experience over the past several decades, told through personal stories and astute analysis that sharply illuminate the country's meteoric economic rise and social transformation. Framed by ten words or phrases common in the Chinese vernacular, China in Ten Words reveals as never before the world s most populous yet most often misunderstood nation. With Yu Hua's wit, insight and courage, this is a refreshingly candid vision of the Chinese miracle and all its consequences, from the singularly invaluable perspective of a leading writer living in China today. Two of the author's novels were named in the Top Ten most influential books of the decade by Wen Hui Bao, Shanghai's biggest newspaper.
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Di-Lan Sun
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A must read for people who are interested in China.

Коля Русин
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Коля Русин
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“The more boldly a man dares, the more richly his land bears”
Анна Кислицкая
Анна Кислицкаяhar citerati fjol
“What have these thirty years of reading given you?” I am sometimes asked. It is no easier to answer that than to articulate one’s reaction to a boundless ocean.
Anastasia Shakhaeva
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Even pickpockets issued a declaration in the name of the Thieves’ Association: as a show of support for the students, they were calling a moratorium on all forms of theft. Beijing then was a city where, you could say, “all men are brothers.”

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