Kory M. Shrum

Under the Bones

Enemies make the best allies.
Louie Thorne is good at one thing: killing. She knows peace only when she kills and this relentless thirst drives her to hunt the world's worst crime lords. But when her cancer-stricken aunt makes a dying wish, Louie is torn between her own dark nature and a promise made to the only family she has left. 
Enter Konstantine, illegitimate son of the crime lord who killed Louie's family, and now the leader of the Ravengers--a ruthless crime faction from Florence's underworld. He didn't rise to power without making enemies and now one of those enemies has made Konstantine the most hunted man alive. 
Konstantine's only hope of reclaiming his throne is to trust the woman who wants him dead…
Under the Bones is the second novel in the Shadows in the Water series. You do not have to read them in order to enjoy them, but it is recommended.
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  • haniehq95har citerati fjol
    was now. He’d made it through the bowels of the church up to the nave. There was only the center aisle and then the door that would let him out of this place.
    Only a few feet more…
    Yet the world was shaking. No, he was shaking. From blood loss and coursing pain. His body would go into complete shock at any moment.
    “No?” Nico teased again. His voice hissed directly into Konstantine’s ear now. “Surely you knew this was how you would die. Surely you knew I would be the one.”
    Konstantine supposed he did know he would die like this. On his back, his guts pumped f
  • Росен Христовhar citerati fjol
    toes of his leather boots scraped along the stone floor,
  • Росен Христовhar citerati fjol
    punched-out sockets.
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