A collection of works on everyone’s favorite gentleman sleuth: Sherlock Holmes.
This compendium of Sherlockiana compiled by Vincent Starrett, one of the world’s foremost Holmes experts, is sure to please fans everywhere. Enjoy scholarly works on such topics as: “Was Sherlock Holmes an American?,” “On the Emotional Geology of Baker Street,” “Dr. Watson’s Secret,” “The Care and Feeding of Sherlock Holmes,” and “The Other Boarder.” Featured contributors include illustrator Frederic Dorr Steele, and writers Christopher Morley, Elmer Davis, “Jane Nightwork”—and, of course, Arthur Conan Doyle.
A founder of the Baker Street Irregulars and the author of indispensable biography The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, Starrett combined a scholar’s authority with a fan’s enthusiasm in his appreciation of the great detective. So, if you enjoy the adventures of Holmes and Watson, head down to Baker Street and prepare to enter 221B.
“Useful, entertaining, imaginative, it belongs on every reader-insomniac’s bedside shelf.” —A Catalogue of Crime
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