Violet Haze

Loving My Angel: The Complete Serial

Fifteen years thinking Ryker abandoned me when I needed him most, and a night fueled by liquor leads me to his door, ready to tell him off. Instead, he surprises me, claiming I was the one who left, and now he’s got this wild idea to keep me close—to show me I’ve always belonged to him.

Under his roof, my well-guarded secrets feel perilously close to being unveiled, but his proximity blurs the lines between past pains and the semblance of a homecoming. As buried truths and rekindled sparks threaten to consume us, we're faced with the choice to either embrace the trials of love or to extinguish our last hope for a life together.

Caught between past hurts and a future uncertain, are we ready for a second chance, or is this where our story ends, once and for all?
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    Why did I work so hard to turn shit around if life was just going to keep knocking me down? Am I missing something, and if I am, how the fuck am I supposed to know what the hell it is?

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