Anthony Harris

Fruits of a Dead Legacy

For decades, Billy Wayne Sharp has worshipped at the altar of white supremacy. In doing so, he has been successful in drawing thousands to that altar, establishing himself as a revered leader of the white nationalist movement. Politicians, public servants, and every-day adherents to white supremacy embrace Billy Wayne's belief that white people were ordained by God to lord over non-whites. His belief in the biblical correctness of white supremacy has led to murder, fire bombings, attempted assassinations, and plans for an apocalyptic race war, which he believes will result in his becoming the new Messiah.The town of Sharpville, Mississippi stands at the crossroads of a historic existential moment. It is the epicenter of Billy Wayne's plans to become the new Messiah. Will the town that bears his family name reject Billy Wayne's efforts to violently transform the racial and religious landscape of the entire nation? Will it rise up against or give in to his belief in the &quote;natural order&quote;? Will the fruits of his racist legacy develop rot and die, or will they become hardy and multiply?
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