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Email Marketing

Build authority. Build your business.

Do your email subscribers read your business’s emails? How can you tell? And most importantly, how do you get more of them to listen when you speak?

With his blockbuster Email Marketing: Strategies to Capture and Engage Your Audience, While Quickly Building Authority, Eric J. Scott reveals the strategies of expert marketers for connecting with the people on your business’s email list.

Learn strategies that will take your email marketing from the junk folder to your customers’ top priority.

Expert marketer Eric J. Scott walks you through all the steps necessary to demolish the competition in email marketing, starting with picking your email marketing platform. What’s more, Email Marketing covers everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your email marketing metrics—from just what they are and what they tell you to how to use this knowledge to increase conversions and impact.

With this book, you’ll learn how to pick your marketing goals, build an effective marketing strategy, and use your data to curate your list(s) and appraise your current practices to make sure they’re working for you. And of course, learn how to become a trusted authority among your subscribers!

Use email marketing to build your authority: when you speak, your audience will listen.

Authority isn’t easy to define, but suffice to say, if the recipients of your emails see you as an authority, they will trust what you say and be more likely to follow your calls to action. This guide covers all the ins and outs of building authority with email marketing:

Authority for beginners: format your newsletter properly, build relationships, and demonstrate your expertise in your industry

Intermediate authority-building: carefully craft your emails’ tone and voice to really resonate with your readers

Mastering advanced authority techniques: expand your influence through publication, networking, and technical refinement

Best of all, with the included gift of The Marketing Blueprint: How to Build a Profitable Online Business with a Marketing Strategy that Works, beyond knowing the ins and outs of strategies to increase engagement and build authority, you’ll be armed with the wisdom and secret knowledge of the best marketing gurus out there—more than enough to dominate the market with your email marketing campaign!

Can your business afford to throw money away on unread emails? If not, click “Buy Now” to become a trusted expert and watch your conversions soar!
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