Paul Roland

The Complete Book of Ghosts

Ghosts and spirits inhabit the world around us. We can hear and see them if we are only sensitive – or psychic – enough to be aware of them.

Re-examining a fascinating assortment of recorded sightings from as far back as Roman times, the author presents a serious look at ghosts, not as chain-rattling spooks or cold clouds of swirling mist, but as actual entities with which we share a greater reality.

Nor does he accept that ghosts are merely the spirits if departed people, or energies left behind. Uniquely, Paul Roland provides self-tested evidence on the idea of spirits as the manifestation of people still living, proving that out-of-body experiences are not as rare – or as impossible – as some people might think.

The result is a profoundly fascinating, thought-provoking book that will challenge your beliefs as never before.

'No one can deny Paul Roland is a complete master of his subject.' Colin Wilson, author of The Outsider series
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