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Edward Jay Epstein


John D. Rockefeller was the wealthiest man that America had ever know. The Standard Oil trust he created controlled the world’s oil. Edward Jay Epstein turns to the Rockefeller dynasty that produced Governors, Senators, and even a Vice President of the United States. Lord Acton famously wrote «all power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.» This investigative biography explores the corrosive influence of the Rockefeller’s power over three generations.
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    Rockefeller Jr.’s second son, Nelson, born in 1908. With his elder brother superintending the family’s cultural power, he turned his attention to the arena of political power. His first major sphere of activity was political propaganda. Before he was 30, he became a director of the Creole Petroleum Company, the subsidiary of Standard Oil of New Jersey
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    Though he was awarded the Order of the Auspicious Star of China when he was director of United China Relief (for the Nationalists), he subsequently counseled the State Department (in 1949) on another form of population control for Communist China, suggesting that «trade with China… should be limited.
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    helped create the Asia Society. He won such honors in Asia as Grand Cordon Order of the Rising sun (in Japan), president of the Japan Society; chairman of the Asian Society; Most Noble Order of the Crown (in Thailand); Order of the Thousand Elephants and White Parasol (in Laos). The Population Council, which he sponsored, had a staff of some 250 doctors,

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