Irina Bristow

How to Negotiate to Win Everytime

“Who else wants to win and succeed at negotiations, without pissing people off?”

The goal of this book is to expose readers to the most advanced tactics and strategies in the field of negotiation, and to provide a roadmap for how these tactics apply in specific business settings.
But we'll do it in such a way that we get what we want, while making the other party happy and satisfied about the deal.
With this knowledge in hand, readers will be able to recognize and overcome the most frequently encountered negotiating tactics. They’ll also be able to enhance their own negotiation techniques in the most practical way.

In this book you'll learn about:

Negotiation Psychology

How Persuasion is used in Negotiations

Manipulative Negotiation tactics

Stages of a Negotiation

Communication is essential

Negotiation is a systematic exploration of both parties

listen more and talk less.

Identifying hidden interests

Setting goals is the only path to success

Prepare for success.

Setting limits

organize your thoughts.

Reading body language.

To turn off the anger, hit the pause button.

Deal with obstacles.

tips on how you can turn a failure into an opportunity

improve the outcome of your negotiations.

Being a problem solver.

Win-Lose Negotiation.

Subtle Skills for Building Rapport with NLP

Developing sensory acuity to building rapport

And so much more…

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    Negotiation is a voluntary and systematic exploration of both parties' interests to agree on a mutually acceptable compromise that resolves an issue
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