Steven Gray

Alcohol Addiction Recovery Hacks

The end of your alcohol addiction

Alcohol abuse or addiction is among the worst causes of problems in personal and professional relationships. Over 16 million Americans had a problem with the use of alcohol last year. In fact, 88,000 people have died alcohol-related deaths.

Alcohol Addiction Recovery Bible is a well-researched workbook that provides all the needed information about alcohol abuse tendencies and the necessary recovery strategies that could be implemented by anyone. You will discover ways to overcome alcohol addiction on your own and how to help a loved one struggling with any substance abuse.

Among the self-help strategies in this book, you will also discover…

-Alcohol abuse control strategies
-Cures for long-term substance abuse
-How to hasten addiction recovery
-Secrets for total alcohol abstinence
-How to help a loved one to recover from alcohol addiction (alcoholic partner)

-How to prevent the manifestation of alcohol use disorder in your family
-The new life (living sober)

If you want to end your alcohol addiction, then this book is for you.
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