Anne Brashier,Robert Noll

Secrets to Free Advertising on the Internet

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Written for: Accountants, Doctors, Lawyers, Realtors, Insurance Brokers, Artists, all MLM Reps, Retail Stores…Any type of small to medium-size business interested in FREE ways to advertise on the internet. Email Marketing — Spam or a viable means of advertising? Classifieds — Quick ways to list your company or business for FREE. Search — Google, Yahoo, Bing and More…Easy Placement and all for FREE. Blogs — Should you or shouldn’t you??An effective way to advertise for FREE? MySpace — Set your company on auto-pilot for more sales, and it’s FREE! Facebook — Put a FREE face on your business and gain hundreds of new customers. Pay-Per-Click — Okay, it’s not FREE, but can be quick and cost-effective! Secrets to Free Advertising on the Internet will help your business grow, whether you are already net-savvy or new to the World Wide Web. Marketing expert Robert Noll gives you helpful hints and clear, easy tips on how to use the wide variety of FREE advertising media available online. Reaching out to a whole new customer base can seem intimidating, but Secrets to Free Advertising on the Internet helps you focus your strategy so you don't feel overwhelmed. No matter what your company does, a strong online advertising campaign can help you do it better.
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