Lori Culwell

How to Make a Website

Who needs a website these days? Let's see-— are you a human person existing in the world and breathing oxygen? If so, you probably need a website. In this guide, Lori Culwell (author of several other exciting books about websites) will break down the website building process step by step, stopping along the way to make you laugh.Here’s what this guide covers: 1. Keyword research, which you should totally do before you start any project, unless you want Google to completely ignore your website.2. Buying domains. You are probably overpaying. This is not your fault.3. Picking the right kind of hosting (no matter what hosting company you use). There is one obvious choice that will save you a ton of money.4. Installing Wordpress on your domain, unless you would rather pay someone $1,000 to do this for you. Oh, and did you know that there is absolutely no need for you to code your own website anymore? In fact, Google would prefer if you did not.Setting up your Wordpress installation so that your website does exactly what you want it to do.Coming up with things to write about that will actually get your website to rank in Google. The overall purposes of this guide are: 1) to teach you a bunch of stuff about websites that will actually save you a ton of money, both now and over the years, whether or not you choose to work with designers and developers, and 2) to make you laugh along the way.What this guide is NOT going to teach you: This is not a web design guide. Themes (both paid and free) will be discussed, but you are encouraged to take all the money you saved during this setup process and hire someone to make your website look exactly the way you want it.This is not a hard-core developer guide. That is to say, you don’t have to know how to code anything to get through this book, and you are not going to learn that.
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