Citat från ”MÅL – Sätt dem, Nå dem, Ha kul på vägen” av Antoni Lacinai

years ago I said that one day I would be going to Mobile World Congress. After a few years I saw some of my colleagues going. If they can, so can I, I thought. My friends know I am here now. They asked me: How did you do it? I said that I have had this goal in front of me, every day for 13 years.
If you have a goal, you don’t give up. You go for the goal. I am very proud today. I am here.”
”All my friends, they didn’t believe in me. When I started in this business 13
(hur man klarar den livssituation man möter)


Boken syftar till att öka kompetensen, vilket är viktigare än bara kunskap.


Dra och släpp dina filer (upp till fem åt gången)