Barbara Taylor

Last Asylum

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Blending personal memoir with social history, the author shares an “exquisitely written and provocative” account of mental illness and care (Sunday Times, UK).
In the late 1970s, Barbara Taylor, then an acclaimed young historian, began to suffer from severe anxiety. Eventually, her struggles led her to be admitted to the infamous Friern Mental Hospital in North London—once known as the Colney Hatch Lunatic Asylum. The Last Asylum is a candid account of her time there, and probing look at the evolution of mental health treatment.
Taylor was admitted to Friern in 1988, not long before England’s asylum system began to undergo dramatic change. The 1990s saw the old asylums shuttered, their patients left to navigate a perpetually overcrowded and underfunded mental health system. But Taylor contends that the emptying of the asylums also marked a bigger loss—a loss of community.
Taylor credits her own recovery to the help of a steadfast psychoanalyst and a circle of friends, including Magda, her manic-depressive roommate, and Fiona, who shared stories of her boyfriend, the “Spaceman”. The support and trust of that network was crucial to Taylor’s recovery, offering a respite from the “stranded, homeless feelings” she and others found in the outside world.
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