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Mikhail Sholokhov

And Quiet Flows the Don

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And Quiet Flows the Don is the great monumental novel so favorably compared to Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace. Like the Tolstoy novel, And Quiet Flows the Don is an epic picture of Russian life during a time of crisis and examines it through political, military, romantic, and civilian lenses. It took fourteen years to complete. Earning the Stalin Prize, it became the most-read work of Soviet fiction, selling ten million copies. It even won the Nobel Prize in Literature. The story traces the progress of the cossack Gregor Melekhov from youthful lover to Red Army soldier. Various modern Russian novelists have been hailed as successors to Tolstoy and Dostolevsky but here is the first one who merits the distinction, and who at the same time is modern, original and universal enough in appeal to catch the imagination of the American reading public.
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  • Mary Alekseevadelade ett intryckför 8 år sedan
    👍Värt att läsa

    Grandiose novel that brought the author a deserved Nobel Prize; a tremendous epopee about tragic events in Russian history surrounding two revolutions and a civil war from perspective of Cossacks, about destroyed human lives, about uncertainty, about love that came through all. You can talk about it for hours after reading. Definitely worth spending time even though seems to be boring in the beginning

  • Kornelius Drgdelade ett intryckför 9 år sedan

    Kailah ningku adi labo kueteh ertina...egia labo kuakap li si ngangkasa si kuban enda


  • el filippovahar citeratför 6 år sedan
    Talk quietly. If my father hears he’ll go for me.”

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